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Clay Boone Woodcarver Brochure

If you have not yet had the opportunity to stop by the studio, here's an online brochure. Print this page so you can bring it with you when you visit Clay Boone's shop in Sugar Loaf.

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Boone Wood-De-Signs is the custom woodcarving & sign business to take care of all your business identity needs. Whether corporate-identity logos, interior wall carvings or beautiful hand carved gold leaf signage in front of your office or building, Clay Boone provides the most striking presentation for your business and uses the highest quality materials to assure your unique identity remains fresh and exciting for many years.

With a long lineage steeped in tradition and 35 years professional experience as a wood-carver & signage specialist, Clay has carefully and quietly built a reputation for uncompromising craftsmanship. Each customer leaves the shop with a treasured work of art and an heirloom to pass down to future generations.

Boone's work is best known for its artistry. Hand hewn logos, graphics and letters are carved into the wood to create a beauty and depth that cannot be achieved with a merely "painted" sign.

Click to view larger: Wild Carousel Horse - Clay Boone

Click to view larger: First Union - Clay Boone

Click to view larger: Early American Eagle with Banner - Clay Boone

The sign in front of your building is the most important means of advertising the quality of your business and the Boone company makes it their personal responsibility to create signage that leaves no doubt your customers are approaching an establishment truly worthy of their patronage.
Only solid woods are used...never composite woods or sign foam. "We love the quality of wood." Different woods have grain characteristics that lend themselves favorably to different jobs. Some of the woods used to carefully match materials and project are: Bass, Butternut, Black Walnut, Mahogany, Redwood, Sugar Pine, Teak, White Pine, Oak and Cedar.

For gold leaf signs only 23K German or Italian gold leaf is used due to its outstanding durability and resistance to weathering. True gold leaf is far superior to outside "gold" paint and is therefore cost effective over the life span of a sign...while adding a sparkle that paint only approximates.

Clay strongly encourages stain and varnish for your sign to bring out the natural characteristics and beauty of the wood. Upon request, however, your carved sign will be painted by using only the best exterior oil base sign paint such as "Ronan" or "One Shot."

Click to view larger: Highland Falls - Clay Boone

Click to view larger: Mom & Pop - Clay Boone

Click to view larger: Rancho Nuevo - Clay Boone

Click to view larger: Engine 61 - Clay Boone

Boone Wood-De-Signs provides a range of items in addition to commercial signs. A partial list of past projects includes (but is not limited to):
  • Coats of Arms
  • Company Logos
  • Carousel Figures
  • Carved Portraits of People
  • Table Tops and Doors
  • Nautical Scenes
  • Duck Decoys
  • Americana items such as:
  • Traditional Style Eagles
  • Horse and Sulky Driver
  • Cigar Store Indians

If you have an idea for something not listed...just ask. Clay is more than happy to help!

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